Daycare at Reme’s Oggi Pets
Our daycare is a service designed for social dogs to play and have fun. We offer a safe environment for socialization and play in play groups to maximize the fun and quality of play. Dogs enjoy play groups and form special friendships. Socialization also builds confidence in many dogs who are timid or fearful. In our playrooms all dogs are supervised by one of our staff to promote good manners and behaviors. All dogs have access to water all day.

All dogs attending Daycare are required to:
● Be at least four months old
● Be in general good health and have written proof of up-to-date
   vaccinations including rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella.
 Be spayed or neutered – puppies under six month of age 
   are exempt
 All dogs must have a trial day
 All dogs must be registered
 All dogs may arrive anytime after 7:30AM and may be 
   picked up until 7:00PM

Daycare Rates

We offer a free membership to all our clients. Our Packages expire 365 days after purchase.

Monthly Package*                            $675 total
10 Day Package                               $450 total
20 Day Package                               $795 total
5 Half Day Package**                       $150 total
10 Half Day Package**                     $300 total
Single Daycare Visit                          $50 per visit
Single Half Daycare Visit**                $35 per visit
Trial Day Visit                                    $45 first time visit (for 2 hours)

Relief Walks

One-on-One Relief Walks (5-10 minutes) are $5 per walk

Daycare Packages are not refundable
Extended Half Day is an additional $20
*Monthly packages are valid from the first of the month to the first of the  
  following month - there are no extensions
**Half Day Daycare is for any 4 hour period

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